JSP 1.2 tag library for Hibernate 2.1


I've updated docs for setting up your SessionFactory to describe how I usually do this and included a link to a gotcha with Tomcat.

by Serge Knystautas - May 27, 2004

I finally published 1.0 as a release in SourceForge. Please download it and let me know what you think. For now, all documentation is only available on the site (the release is solely the jar).

by Serge Knystautas - May 10, 2004

I did some testing and everything seems to be working well. I also patched it to support a servlet context init parameter "com.lokitech.hibtags.sessionFactory" for changing the default session factory the tags use.

I've put another release 1.0a2 up and tagged in CVS as r1_0_a2.

by Serge Knystautas - December 26, 2003

The codebase has been uploaded into CVS, it builds successfully, and I made a 1.0a1 release. I need to test the repackaged taglib in some existing webapps to give a sanity check, but it looks like this is just about ready.

Nathan McCall also supplied a patch today to allow <hib:update> take an optional identifier attribute, in case you wanted to call Session.update(object, identifier). This has been committed to CVS and will go into the next alpha release.

by Serge Knystautas - December 25, 2003

The JSP hibernate tag library is code I have been using for many months, but I have yet to upload to sourceforge. It is EL-based and greatly models the JSTL (for my money, the best set of taglibs out there).

The tags (as written) support only the JSP 1.2 platform. With some refactoring, it could easily support the JSP 2.0 platform as well.

These tags were originally written for Hibernate 2.0, so it does not have support for the criteria API yet. However, it has been used on 2 production systems so far and has proven to be a very effective way to use hibernate and JSPs to build webapps.

I will hopefully upload my code into the Sourceforge CVS repository over the 2003 Christmas holidays. Meanwhile, I will continue to add documentation to this site.

by Serge Knystautas - December 17, 2003

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