JSP 1.2 tag library for Hibernate 2.1

These tags are a best effort to bring the Hibernate API to JSPs using notions in the JSTL. With a properly setup Hibernate installation, page authors should find it easy to migrate JSPs that use <sql:query> and <sql:update> to using this tag library.

Getting started

Why did you do this? You're breaking MVC rules!

Managing sessions and configuring the session factory

Tag definitions

<hib:delete> Remove a persistent instance from the datastore.
<hib:filter> Apply a filter to a persistent collection.
<hib:find> Execute a query.
<hib:load> Return the persistent instance of the given entity class with the given identifier, assuming that the instance exists.
<hib:param> Bind a value to a parameter, guessing the Hibernate type from the class of the given object.
<hib:refresh> Re-read the state of the given instance from the underlying database.
<hib:saveOrUpdate> Either save() or update() the given instance, depending upon the value of its identifier property.
<hib:session> Optional tag to define when an extended session is opened and closed.
<hib:update> Update the persistent instance with the identifier of the given transient instance.

Proposed tags for the Criteria API and query by example


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